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Since 1996, we started our path in telecommunications with Cable Television and Optical Fiber. Then from the Year 2001 we inserted in Satellite Television until acquiring experience in Cellular Telephony from the year 2005.- From this day we continue to accompany our most important client in the World as Auditors, Installers and develop Software to strengthen our work. Our most important client 'Claro Argentina' has entrusted us with the technical audits since 2007 until the date of the date. We are proud of the work that we have to play.

Our Mission

WAVES is a company dedicated to providing services in the telecommunications sector with an emphasis on customer satisfaction considered a fundamental part of our Company. For this we strive to provide quality and added value in all the tasks demanded by the increasingly dynamic and demanding telecommunications market. Therefore, we consider the concepts of collaboration, planning and communication to be of great importance to reduce the time and costs for us and our customers.

Our Plan

Our plan is to develop in the year 2018 in API applications in the Cloud in Amazaon servers.- Our Servers are currently in the Cloud backed by a great company AWS.- We also start our Training to the new Technologies in 5G Movial Telephony.- Until the year 2020 we will undergo important and productive technological changes for our daily life, from Artificial Intelligence to Autonomous Developments for self-sustaining energy.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow in other branches of telecommunications. Intentional Link, Internet Services and Software, all this accompanied by strong support in the Cloud. Currently 2018 year we are certified with Amazon Web Services. In this way, achieve as soon as possible, better and better service to a globalized world.


A telecommunications service is a service or utility that offers services through a telecommunication system to satisfy a specific need of the client.

Audits Radio Base

Technical audits in 3G, 4G, Power and next 5G technologies

Mobile Cell Deployments

Cell Installation 3G, 4G, UMTS, Power, Tower Instalation

Software and Development

We develop dedicated Software in the Cloud, projects uploaded to the Amazon Cloud


We provide dedicated and non-dedicated internet service, Fiber Optic and Radio Link

Audit Radio Link

Radio Link Audits in different technologies and capacities.-

Servers in the Cloud

All our services are in the cloud with solutions for small and large customers. We have the support of Amazon Web Services.

Call To Action

You want us to get going, we are prepared to provide the best technical audit service, we just need your procedures, specifications and general conditions to start with the audits.

Call To Action

Qualification of the Audits

During 2018 we evaluated the installation companies for our clients and determined that 80% of the audits did not meet minimum levels of acceptance.



We can mention some of the work done in this period.


Audit Base Radio


Audit Base Radio 2018


Hours Of Support 2018


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